Financial Assistance Programs for Your Property Purchase

Explore financing programs to become a homeowner more easily. With my in-depth knowledge of options such as the HBP, the 40 km Program, and the FHSA.

Summary of the CELIAPP Program (Tax-Free Savings Account for the Purchase of a First Property)

  1. Eligibility Conditions:
    • Age between 18 and 71 years.
    • Must not have been a property owner during the current year or the previous four calendar years.
    • The "fiscal spouse" must not have been a homeowner-occupant in the last five years.

  2. Use of CELIAPP:
    • The account can be used for the purchase of a primary residence on Canadian soil.
    • Written proof of a purchase agreement is required.
    • Possibility to combine RAP (Home Buyers' Plan) and CELIAPP.

  3. Contributions and Limits:
    • Maximum contribution of $8,000 per year over 5 years, for a total of $40,000.
    • Unused contributions do not accumulate.

  4. Fund Transfer and Account Closure:
    • Possibility to transfer funds to an RRSP or RRIF after 15 years or if one changes their mind.
    • Withdrawals from RRSPs to fund CELIAPP are possible, but without a second tax deduction.

  5. Tax Benefits:
    • Contributions are eligible for a tax deduction (like an RRSP).
    • Withdrawals for property purchase are not taxable (like a TFSA).

  6. Availability and Investments:
    • Financial institutions are preparing for the launch of CELIAPP accounts.
    • A wide range of investment options available in the account.

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